The marketing package offered by Affordable Image was easy to customize exactly what we needed to launch in our office. Every product we received was to our exact specifications. Affordable Image worked with us to strategize our in-house marketing materials, including brochures, posters, table displays and banner stands and the professional quality is impeccable! Kandi was a huge help throughout the process, from selecting themes, photos and verbiage, to customizing the quarterly allotments for each shipment. We were able to upgrade and exchange items for what we truly needed and eliminate any unwanted items. I would highly recommend Affordable Image to any owner who would like to benefit from a personalized marketing plan for his/her business!
– Heather M., A plastic surgery center in Fort Worth, T.X.

When we launched our marketing campaign, we thankfully turned to Affordable Image! Kandi and Desra were extremely knowledgeable about marketing and they helped us select the best theme for the message we wanted to send. We received a banner, brochures that we personalized, and a mini website that they created. By using all of these pieces we were able to reach out to people in a very short amount of time, making our campaign a success!
– Chris A., A dermatology clinic in Charlotte, N.C.

This program has been a tremendous help to our practice. We are new in the marketing area and the program has supplied material that we would have had to search for in the past. I would definitely recommend this product to another practice. I appreciate the variety of ads to choose from and think borrowing from other quarters is a great idea. It allows us the flexibility to use what we want when we need it.
– Lucy N., A family practice/dermatology clinic in Cuyahoga Falls, O.H.

The pre-designed ads were a huge help when launching a marketing campaign in our office. We don’t have a full marketing department so having Affordable Image readily available with pre designed themes was great!
– Dawn L., A dermatology clinic in Bend, O.R.

This program has saved us so much time because they have so many options and an excellent staff with professional follow through on projects. The whole program was so flexible, it made my roll out of a marketing campaign well done and effective. Thank you to Kandi and Desra for your excellent help and support.
– Lynn F., A dermatology clinic in Olympia, W.A.