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Why do I have to pay for personalizing my printed items each time I order?

Certain personalization items such as typesetting the office name, doctor’s name and contact information are a free service. Additional fees may apply if a logo, map or headshot of the doctor is added. The $50 personalized print run is paying for the extra time it takes to print the brochures since it has to be run separately on our printing presses.

Can I change the photos or text on any of the printed materials?

If you would like to change any of the text or photos in the created marketing materials, we can certainly do so, but it would be considered a custom project and would be quoted out for you for graphics and print. If you need copywriting services, we do offer as an additional service/fee.
Please contact an Affordable Image rep for more details.

Is the text in the marketing materials certified?

Our copy in the marketing materials have been reviewed and approved by the corporate office of the product.

Can I get a cheaper mailer price?

Our mailing prices include list purchase and postage, so there are no additional hidden fees, unless any upgrades to the list are purchased, which may incur additional fees by the USPS. The lists we offer are target specifically to finding the ideal client for your office. Please contact Affordable Image for more information on this product. The listed price is for a one time mailing and the price will go down some for committing to 3 or more months of mailings. Contact your Affordable Image Rep.

Do you have a combined package deal?

Currently, we do not offer any package deals because we understand that each office’s needs are unique so we offer all items alacarte. We do offer discounts on orders over $1000, please contact your Affordable Image Rep for discount. Also, If you would like to be kept up to date on the latest offers and promotional discounts, sign up for our online newsletter at

Can I have the working files of the artwork?

No. Affordable Image does not offer the working files on any of the catalog items or any reworked times from our catalog as we own the artwork and copyright. Our team worked countless hours to bring the Exilis community a stellar marketing campaign(s).

If you are purchasing an ad, we include a jpg and pdf file of the art only issued for print or web usage. If a print media vendor needs a different file format, please provide the contact information for that vendor and we can work with the vendor on getting them the file they need.

Can I have the print files to print somewhere else?

Sorry this again is not possible. We have employees and a company to run just like you do and we need to pay for it some how!

What are my turnaround times for receiving my products/project?

Times will vary. If you are ordering a non-personalized product, usually it ships 1-2 days after the order is placed unless it is a high volume order or if the item ordered is out-of-stock.

Can I get expedited shipping?

Expedited shipping is available for an additional fee but the shipping default is USPS First Class Priority mail. If you need your times for a specific event, please notate that in your order or call Affordable Image to make arrangements.

Do you speak Spanish?

We do have people on staff that speak Spanish that can help with any needs you may have.

Can I mix and match my marketing items to get the discounted pricing?

If you want to order mix & match, please call us at 800-900-3692 to place your order, as this feature is not currently available for online orders.

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